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Top 10 CDs From Japan In 2009

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Kaneko Atsushi

Amazing Manga artist of [BAMBi] and [SOIL] fame, now with releases in the US.




Your personal Junk Magnet will be a vendor at Kraken Con in Oakland, on April 23 and 24, 2016, with once-in-a-lifetime bargains that must be seen to be believed. Tons of rare, imported figures (Figma, Nendoroid, many more), video games (including a huge Dreamcast collection), music, and all sorts of greatness, with every item at special prices. Great deals will be had - make sure to attend to complete your collections. You can find a growing item list at the Junk Magnet Kraken Con Store.


Runaway Girl Army

1980s girl punk bands turned techno-revolutionaries want to change the world by transforming their bodies into Pure Land Antennas - conduits for universal spiritual energy. They succeed, but also let a seemingly unstoppable force into our existence. Is this nameless entity the Demiurge, or worse? Now, their teenage daughters have to pick up the pieces, and find a way to fix a multiverse-sized mess.


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