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What Junk Magnet is, does. Providing context for the perplexed, and pretext for the contented.



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The reason behind the rhyme. Abnormally focused on sounds from Japan, imported elsewhere.



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My writing, your reading. Apocalyptic punk love stories are a must, especially for teens.



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You must report on me now. Or, at least share my URL with all possible individuals.



1) General Junk [back to top]

a) Just what is a Junk Magnet, anyway?

Beats me. Think of a big collector of various stuff, things and junk, a mass-aggretator of attention for our deficient generation. Or, just simplify things and realize that "Junk Magnet" is a multi-medium project that Nicholas Allen Freeman first started in April of 1994, which started out as a paper-based "zine", and eventually evolved into a website.

b) Zine? What's that?

Short for "magazine", zines have been around for a while. Think self-published stuff, sometimes photocopied, folded in half, and stapled down the spine. I'm not about to get into the whole historical-hysterical zine thing - do a Google search if you don't know what I'm talking about. Anyway, Junk Magnet is a zine, OK?

c) Who makes

Nicholas Allen Freeman. He (henceforth known as "I") does all of the HTML coding, writing, graphical design, searching for strange junk, and all of the little nit-picking crap that makes the hits come a clambering. Yes, I am obsessive, and sometime in the near future I may go "open source".

d) Open source? Uh, guh?

Yeah, I might start accepting contributions. No GNU, just people sending me stuff like reviews, that I can share with others. That was the original "Junk Magnet" dream, and it might happen someday.

e) When did start?

June of 2000. Although, I had a few websites before that also by the name of "Junk Magnet", but who cares.

f) Isn't there some band in the UK called Junk Magnet? What's up with that?

Who knows? They started in 1999 or something, while I've been around since 1994. As far as I know, I was the first "Junk Magnet", and all subsequent variations on that phrase are either coincidence (said band) or theft (certain people who stole my original AOL addy - you know who you are).

g) AOL? Wha?

Yes, I started with AOL, before it even had 1 million subscribers. Did some SPINonline stuff, some antizine stuff, you know, stuff.

h) Antizine? Is that "zine" related?

Antizine is a story that I've been writing since 1992. It's temporally challenged, and taking forever to finish, but still, you should take a look at it when you find the time.

i) How often is updated?

On average, a little bit every day. In general, the main page changes on the first day of every month. Junk.log usually is updated sometimes even daily. New contests are posted monthly. Links are constantly tested and micromanaged, particularly in the Japanese Pop section.

j) Why is the font so damn small?

First, my columns were deemed too narrow. Then people said I should change the font. So I fixed everything up, and made sure it looked decent enough through Netscape, IE, WebTV, the Dreamcast, and other sundry browsers on all platforms, without getting into strange and potentially buggy Java or Javascript. That said, this site is designed to look great at a 640 by 480 or 800 by 600 screen resolution. If your monitor is set higher, the text will be small indeed. Anyway, upcoming revisions will make things more... flexible.

k) Why is there so much white space everywhere?

Don't you like white space? I like white space. Most sites are overly cluttered; is designed to offer peace and serenity, in an exciting way.

l) Why are the pictures all narrow and cropped?

Again, peace and serenity. That, something called "screen width". You might not realize it, but this site is optimized for a 56k modem, which I use at home. Thus, the graphics are all less than 30k, and most effects are done with colored frames. Fast loading, exciting, etc.

m) Why isn't there any advertising?

It bothers me. Junk Magnet does not promote advertising; Junk Magnet promotes what I like.

n) How do you pay for Junk Magnet?

Out of my Sanrio wallet. Web hosting and domain name registration is cheap enough these days, and my zine projects have always been happily money-losing. Art and enjoyment is the goal, not profit.

o) Can I somehow support Junk Magnet?

Yes, you can. Send funds. They will be used to support my zine-making habits and web site hosting bills. Also, I can buy better thins to give away in contests.

p) Contests? You give away stuff?

I give away stuff. So far, 3 Sega Saturns, Neo Geo Pocket Color, Sega Game Gear, and various musical niceties, mostly J-Pop CDs. My ultimate goal is a personal potlatch.

q) Why don't you sell stuff instead?

Remember, I'm I'm not in it for the money. I work to make money; I make Junk Magnet as a hobby+.

r) Where do you work?

In San Francisco, CA. EyeTV and EyeHome. That's all you need to know right now. Sufficed to say that I make some semblance of a living.

s) If you work, when do you make Junk Magnet?

During my free time, or from 7 to 9 PM week-daily, for an hour or two here and there. I type, write and code fast, so it's not all that bad.

t) Why the focus on Japan?

Noticed, huh? Well, I can't explain it, but I studied Japanese intensely in college a decade ago, and while the first time I visited Japan was in 2004, I've had a peculiar connection with things Japanese my whole life. Thus, the present fixation of Junk Magnet.

u) What is the future of Junk Magnet?

Expect lots more of everything. More print issues, massive website changes starting in March of 2005, and more strange Quicker music.

v) Quicker? Do you have musical problems or what?

OK, Quicker is a thing I do musically with a Casio PT-1 and some toy walkie-talkies. The music on the website is from 1995 and 1996. Think theremin. Think experimentation. Think that I couldn't call my stuff "Junk Magnet", because someone in the UK named their electronic band Junk Magnet, years after I recorded my music, but before I staked my claim. Anyway, Quicker is my pet project, and a year from now it will be ubiquitous, like Britney Spears' breasts.

w) Can I freely download Quicker MP3s?

Yes, you can! Please do so now. Then, share the staticalicious sounds with friends, neighbors and enemies, and use all the file-sharing utilities at your disposal. When the time comes, you can even buy Quicker CDs. It's all about the Quicker.

x) What's the Junk Magnet Newsletter?

Once or twice a month I send out a newsletter that announces site updates, contests, and various strangeness. About 100 people receive it as of 2.15.2005, and you can sign up if you want by using the form on the top right of this page. If you do, you will find out about exclusive contests, and be amazed about how I can go on and on about almost nothing in an extremely entertaining way.

y) What will you do with my e-mail address?

You mean, if you sign up for the newsletter, or enter a contest? Well, I'll send you newsletters about once or twice a month if you subscribe to the newsletter, and I'll inform you if you've won the contest if you enter. The two things aren't really related, but they both come from my Outlook Express client. I will never, ever, give your e-mail addy to anyone. That's your job, not mine.

z) Can I write to you?

Yes, you can. If you do, I may use your message on my letters page, unless you specify that you don't want me to do so. I really like messages from Junk Magnet "viewers", and I take all of your little and big comments to heart.

z+1) Will you write back to me?

In a perfect world, every single time. Currently, I have a seemingly permanent e-mail backlog, so unless you pose specific questions, it'll probably take me a few days, even a week, to fire back a response.

z+2) Do you love me?

Of course I do. I'm your personal Junk Magnet. I think of you often. If you were a sugar cereal, I'd buy you without even using a coupon.

2) Music Section [back to top]

a) Why so much Japanese Music?

I like all sorts of music. My collection is only about 5% Japanese, but that's my focus lately.

b) Will you ever cover non-Japanese music?

Yes, starting this summer. Don't expect too much at first, but prepare for lots soon enough.

c) What is Quicker?

Quicker is my musical project, soon to assault ears everywhere. The MP3s are created by me and only me, and you can listen to them as much as you like, and give them to anyone you wish.

d) What is New Wave Casiocore?

Quicker is New Wave Casiocore by definition, because I coined the phrase, "New Wave Casiocore" to describe Quicker. At least, I put "New Wave" together with "Casiocore", both of which were coined by others, and the rest is history!

e) Does Quicker perform live?

All the Quicker music you hear is live. That said, I haven't played out yet. The whole process is very spazzy looking, but I'll probably cause a ruckus soon enough.

f) Is there a Quicker CD?

Technically, yes. I've burned a test copy or two, but haven't finalized the track listing. When I do, I will send it out to manufacturing, and from there straight to $1 bargain bins at Amoeba, no doubt. Then, history!

g) What about all of that Japanese music?

Oh yeah, I forgot about that. What about it?

h) How do you find all of the Japanese music you cover?

Sheer luck. I haunt SF Japantown, the internet, and various other places where the occasional import CD can be found, and I also scour the internet for random sound clips, with the ultimate intent of finding cool bands and artists that I enjoy. I pay full Japanese prices for most of my collection, because I am crazy that way. I also have my fair share of Taiwanese releases of Japanese stuff, particularly Video CDs. Finally, I read all of the music magazines I can find, and watch Hey Hey Hey on TV almost every Sunday night, for the past 4 years or so. Obsession, then history!

i) Is the Japanese Music section popular?

Very much so. If you want statistics, e-mail me. They're not super-special, but increasing numbers of visitors stop by daily.

j) Is the Quicker section popular?

Not nearly enough! More downloads please, then history!

k) Are these Frequently Asked Questions, or just stuff you're making up right this instant?


3) Text Section [back to top]

a) What is antizine?

Antizine is a fictional story, all written in first person. It's a self-proclaimed "American Myth", based in part on ancient Greek and Roman stories. Think Ovid's [Metamorphoses]. Anyway, it's something I'm working on.

b) Is antizine actually supposed to make sense?

Well, one or two people have been known to "get it".

c) Why the fixation on writing?

I have no idea. It's just my thing. I studied it in school, even. Eventually, I will have enough skill to actually communicate the full extent of my various visions, and at that point I will explode with peace and serenity (inside FAQ joke).

d) Why do you publish strange fragments?

No reason. I like them, I share them.

e) Will you ever post more antizine stories?

You'd think so. I have to write them, first.

f) What's the big deal, why don't you write them already?

Hey, art takes time.

g) What, do you think you're an "artiste" or something?


4) Public Relations [back to top]

a) How do I contact Junk Magnet?

By mail:
Junk Magnet
PO Box 11501
Berkeley, CA 94712

By e-mail:

b) Do you give interviews?

It depends. If you take them, I'll give them. By phone, physical correspondence, e-mail or some other means of communication - it's all good.

c) Is Junk Magnet a public company?

At this point, Junk Magnet is barely even a company. Since I conduct no monetary business, there hasn't been a need yet. In the future, Junk Magnet will probably be a sole proprietorship or somesuch.

d) Does Junk Magnet accept advertising?

No. Definitely not now, and probably never in the future. Seriously large offers will be contemplated, since rent is so high these days.

e) Does Junk Magnet accept unsolicited stuff?

If you send it, and it doesn't smell or explode, I'm all for it. If it's some neato music, games, t-shirts or other stuff, I'll even treasure and review it if appropriate.

f) Is there a Junk Magnet headquareters?

Since I am "Junk Magnet", where ever I travel, there it is. Or, if you want something to visit, you can stand in front of my PO Box and stare at it. It's on Allston Way in Berkeley, CA. Tours are available upon request.

g) Who is the leader of Junk Magnet?

Nicholas Allen Freeman.

h) Who are the employees of Junk Magnet?

Nicholas Allen Freeman, and sometimes my watch that tells the time in Japanese.

i) Does Junk Magnet accept resumés?

Work with me here. No. Money. For. You.

j) What is the Junk Magnet mission statement?

Live, or die. Do the former often, and the latter when the former is no longer possible.

k) What the hell are you talking about?


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