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6.11.2007 - [More Things From Japan - O RLY?] Hide
[Sakuran] starring Anna Tsuchiya

As usual, I have an updated list of some CDs and DVDs on pre-order from Japan. Perhaps one or two items will be of interest to one or two people.

If nothing else, please note [Sakuran], the recent movie by Mika Ninagawa, which not only features music by Ringo Sheena, but the lead role filled by Anna Tsuchiya. Perhaps you know her from [Shimotsuma Monogatari] ([Kamikaze Girls]), or her blossoming music career?. She makes this the clear highlight for me this time around - it even has English subtitles for those in the need.

01) [Chelsea], Kenichi Asai, 6.27.07, BVCR-14035, 2,700yen (album)

02) [Rod Snake Shock Service], Kenichi Asai, 6.27.07, BVCR-14034, 2,700yen (album)

03) [Golden Grapefruit], LOVE PSYCHEDELICO, 6.27.07, VIZL-242, 3,171yen (album, version with DVD)

04) [Osca], Tokyo Jihen, 7.11.07, TOCT-40125, 1,143yen (single)

05) [boom boom beat / Oedo Nagareboshi IV], PUFFY, 7.18.07, KSCL-1137, 1,165yen (single)

06) [Untitled], Anna Tsuchiya, 8.1.07, CTCR-40259, 1,600yen (single, version with DVD)

07) [Sakuran], Mika Ninagawa, 8.3.07, ACBD-10523, 4,700yen (DVD movie, English subtitles)

08) [Lady Bird Girl], The Pillows, 8.15.07, AVCD-31250, 952yen (single)

09) [Killer Tune], Tokyo Jihen, 8.22.07, TOCT-40137, 1,143yen (single)

10) [Untitled], Hikaru Utada, 8.29.07, TOCT-40120, 1,200yen (single)

You should also pay attention to the dual Kenichi Asai releses, and the latest LOVE PSYCHEDELICO album, which excites me to no end. Plus, singles from Tokyo Jihen, Hikaru Utada, and PUFFY? The summer sure looks like it's going to be great, and these are only the initially solicited pre-orders.


6.1.2007 - [Try Turbo.264 For Speedy Video] Hide

Without getting lost in marketing mode, let me spend a few sentences telling you about what I've been up to at work. The latest product from Elgato Systems, my intrepid employer, is Turbo.264, which allows you to make a certain type of video file extremely quickly.

More specifically, you attach the little stick to an USB 2.0 port on your Mac, and then when you export video to Apple TV, an iPod, or PSP, the end result will be the same high quality H.264 files you desire, but they will be finished in record time - perhaps 2-5 times faster than what QuickTime will do by itself.

Furthermore, your computer's CPU is not tied up while the export is going on - the Turbo.264 has its own dedicated chipset that's optimized for H.264 encoding - which means you can do processor intensive things at the time time. Otherwise, when using a software-based encoder, your CPU will be almost maxed out, and you still won't be done quickly.

I'll refrain from offering more technical information, or specific comparisons between software encoding and Turbo.264 encoding, but it really works. I've been using it for a few months in house, and now it's out in the world - we're listening to customer comments, and preparing future updates, to make sure it's the best solution of its type. That shouldn't be hard, since it's the first such accelerator for the Mac, and since we're serious about providing the best interface and features possible.

So. This is the sort of stuff I work on all day, and often that saps enough of my energy that I don't feel like doing much work in front of my Mac at home. Which explains the lack of postings here lately - sort of. I'll see what I can do about that this month.



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