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[There's No Escaping Things From Japan]


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[Energy Vortexes Loom In SOILtown]

[GO!GO!7188 Hit The US This August]

[Look! The Message Board Is Newer!]


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[Hana And Alice Reach The US On DVD]

[Beware Of Shiny Things From Japan]


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[More Things From Japan - O RLY?]

[Try Turbo.264 For Speedy Video]


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[Contest Results: Memories Of Matsuko DVD]


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[BenQ FP241VW, Mon Amour]

[Contest: Memories Of Matsuko DVD]

[Without Warning, More Things From Japan]


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[Torrents Of Free MP3s From SXSW 2007]

[Wondercon 2007: The Media Vortex, Plus Comics]


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[OOIOO US Tour 2007 Is On]

[The Runaway Girl Army Wants You]

[Kaela Kimura Page Exists]

[Japan Nite 2007 US Tour Is A Go]


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[It's Perfectly OK To Adore Dodolook]

[PS3 Stuck To The Junk Magnet]

[Erika Welcomes You To The Nice Forest]


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[Top 10 CDs Not From Japan In 2006]

[Top 10 CDs From Japan In 2006]

[I Can't Believe It: More Things From Japan!]

[Masked Teens Conspire In SOILtown]


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[Hot IQs Vs. The Greatest Of All Time]

[How Entertaining Can The Disgusting Be?]

[All Hail Louise It's Veruca Salt]

[Iceland Hates The Boss Of It All]


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[What Love Can Last 4.6 Billion Years?]

[Junk Magnet's European Vacation]

[Hark, The Hot IQs West Coast Tour]

[Another Junk Magnet Vacation]


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[Tsu Shi Ma Mi Re and Suicide Girls, Again]

[Veronica Mars: Case Of The Sassy Sleuth]

[Sardina: The Best Band From Indiana, Ever]

[Some Girls Are All About Lovely Crushing]


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["Bambi And Her Pink Gun" Assassinated?]

[The Last Sleater-Kinney Concert]

[Use Charity Navigator For Smart Donations]


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[EyeTV - Now With More In Your Face]

[Jet Set Show, Beyond The Rocketboom]

[A Statement Of Purpose Is In Order]

[The Post Office Cares About My Packages]

[LEGO Mindstorms NXT And My Little Robot]

["Eureka Seven" Surfs Above Average Skies]

[RanPic - Titan Go King's Are Rocky Cute]

[Amanda Congdon Leaves Rocketboom]

[Talkin' 'Bout My bit Generations]

[Monthly Terror From Rue Morgue]

[Follow The Junk Magnet Digg Dash]


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[Stuff, Things And Junk - Various Randomness]

[Almost Timely Reviews Of Great Japanese Music]

[RanPic - The Semi-Secret Underbelly Of Ginza]

[The New Is Horribly Addictive]

[RanPic - Umbrellas Out In Harajuku Rain]

["KatieBird" Is Certifiably Impressive Horror]

[RanPic - Shibuya Wears Sunglasses At Night]

[All Hail Team Fujisan, Bringer of Manga]

[RanPic - The Ultimate Density of Akihabara]

[The Loud Family Are Shouting Yet Again]

[RanPic - Yayoi Of Tsu Shi Ma Mi Re Rocks]

[10th Anniversary Special: "International Japanese"]

[RanPic - Price Of Gas In Iowa, 2001]

[10th Anniversary Special: 100 Word Music Reviews]

[RanPic - Cast Of "Serenity" At WonderCon]

[10th Anniversary Special: Fibulator Interview]

[RanPic - Polite Fan Mania In Akihabara]

[10th Anniversary Special: Antizine Text Game]

[RanPic - Starpower Live in Portland, OR]

[RanPic - The Pillows Live in San Francisco]

[10th Anniversary Special: Antizine Fragment]

[10th Anniversary Special: Lost Zine Covers]

[RanPic - Assault At Kiddy Land]

[10th Anniversary Special: Junk Magnet 1996]

[be your own PET Ready For Adoption]

[RanPic - Guarding Agent Smith]

[Tommy february6 / heavenly6 Page Exists]

[Junk Magnet Search Is Now Active]

[Things From Japan: Can They Be Stopped?]

[Junk Magnet 2.0 Is Not That Web 2.0]


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[Some Thoughts About Wii, Xbox 360 and PS3s]

[Ze Amazing Life Of Ze Frank, Sports Racer]


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[Is It Best Not To Mention Things From Japan?]

[Kaneko Atsushi Explores Mysteries In "SOIL" 4]

[Rakubiki Jiten Gets All Kanji On Your Ass]

[Laura Veirs Bursts Meteors With Song]

[Hot IQs' "Firecracker" Causes Library Ruckus]

[What If President Bush Was Really Sorry?]

[Cake Bake Betty's All-Singing All-Moving Video]

[Animal Alpha, The Omega Of Cabaret Kabuki]


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[18 Live Views Of Japan, Beautifully Arranged]

[It's Exhilirating To Watch Japanese Places]

[The Amazing World Of Japanese Voyeurism]

[YouTube : Teen Dancing :: Addiction : Crack]

[More Torrents Of Music From SXSW 2006]

[The Darker Side Of Buzz-O-Phone - Reject Calls]


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[Call Buzz-O-Phone, Rant Worldwide]

[Riding On A Rocketboom, Baby]

[Toddle Up To Perfect Sound Forever]

[Annetenna Transmitting Joy From The Past]

[Infinity Cat Conducts The Art Circus]

[No One's Listening To Junk Magnet]

[Revenge Of The Beastles: Let It Beast]

[2006 + Tsu Shi Ma Mi Re + US = Love]

["BAMBi And Her Pink Gun" Vol. 2 Hits The US]

[Praise Your Maker, No More Politics]

[How The King Of The US Spends Your Tithes]

[Hands-Off Democracy And Virtual Monarchy]

[The State Of The Union Is Red]


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[Gantz And Genshiken Know How To End]

[Have I Ever Mentioned Things From Japan?]

[Mochacochalatta Meet, Eat, Judy And Mary]

[Xbox 360 In The Xouse]

[After Macworld, The Deluge]

[New Years and Macworlds Go Great Together]


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[Top 4 US "Comic Books" In 2005]

[Top 5 Non-Japanese CDs In 2005]

[Top 6 Miike DVDs From Netflix In 2005]

[Top 7 US Anime DVDs Released In 2005]

[Top 8 CDs From Japan In 2005]

[Top 9 Bands I Saw Live In 2005]

[Top 10 Bands I Discovered Via SXSW 2005]

[Slight Junk Magnet Vacation Almost Over]

[All Hail "The Myth" Of Jackie Chan]

["Soy Como Vos": MAUMA Vs. Cybergeisha]

[No Argument Here: Hot IQs Contest Results]


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[Amazing Adventures Of The Infinity Cat]

["Gankutsuou" Of Monte Cristo, Transformed]

["AV" - Composite Of Porno And Bathos]

[The Girls From The Clouds, Literally]

[New Wave Casiocore Secrets Revealed!]

[I Can't Stop About New Things From Japan]

[Studies In XHTML And CSS - Exciteness!]

[Junk Magnet Has Stopped Moving; Hot IQs Contest]


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[Junk Magnet Is On The Move]

[Still More About New Things From Japan]

[I'll Trade Canada Anything For Metric]

[Hot IQs Burn Up Berkeley, Intelligently]

[Hot IQs Visit The West Coast - Exciting!]

[Take A Song Quake With Cake Bake Betty]

[More Japan Girls Night with Tsu Shi Ma Mi Re]

[Keeping Tabs On My 50 Daily Netmarks]

["Serenity" Is Amazingly Frantic and Shiny]


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[Kaneko Atsushi Raises Beauty In "SOIL" 3]

[Tommy Is Heavenly All Months Of The Year]

[Juliana Hatfield Is The Real McCoy]

[Tsu Shi Ma Mi Re and Suicide Girls Conquer US]

["Corpse Bride": Always Early To The Altar]

[No More Strays - Be Your Own Pet]

[Apple-Powered "Extraordinary Machine" Is On]

["MPD Psycho": Beware The Barcoders]

[Disaster And Togetherness]


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[Give Some Dollars To Mummy The Peepshow]

[EeL Makes Everyone Dance All Swimmy]

[It's Fun To Stay At The Y-M-C-K]

[Girls And Boys and "Genshiken" Toys]

[Introducing The "Complete Index"]

[Mystery Auctions - Simply Entertaining Scams]

[Tsu Shi Ma Mi Re Shall Return To The US]

[PINE*am Graces The US, Again]

[200 Posts Make A Long Fence]

[Random Encounter" Is A Calculated Joy]

["BAMBi And Her Pink Gun" Now Out In The US]

[Junk Magnet Message Board Is Back]

[Baku-Ten Versus Elfen Lied, Round Two]

[Tokyo Jihen All NTSC Like: Dynamite In!]


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[Kaneko Atsushi Update - "SOIL" Continues]

[A Site That Might Excite, Delight]

[Where Everyone Knows Your Favorite Comic]

[Remembering Number Girl, In My Head]

[All Hail All Star Batman And Robin]

[Are You Part Of The Scene?]

[Koda Kumi Can't Fool Me With Her Charms]

[More About Some New Things From Japan]

[The Best Japanese Dictionary For Gamers]

[Ten Eyes Are Better Than "The Eye 10"]

[BAMBi Contest Winners: Selected!]

[Triceratops Contest Winner: Announced!]


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[By The End Of Tonight Is Hella Good]

[Palomar Appreciates Telescopes, Toothpaste]

[Make Mine The Pretty Please, Please]

[Howl's Castle Will Move Your Heart]

[The Batman, The Begins, The Great]

[Lost? Try Oceanic Air For Your Vacation]

[All About Some New Things From Japan]

[Sleater-Kinney: More Than A Road in Lacey]

["Sky High", Or, Bloody Dead Ghosts Frighten]

[BAMBi Hits - And Shoots - The US]

[Violent Femme With Horns]

[Triceratops Month At Junk Magnet]


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[PINE*am Live In Albany, CA]

[Stuff, Things and Junk: A Roundup]

[PINE*am Graces The Golden State]

[Step Off, FannyPack Attack Back]

[Two Eyes Are Better Than "The Eye 2"]

[Attack Of The Wireless Boomerangs]

[PINE*am Contest Results]

[Titan Go King's Contest Results]


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[Junk.log Is On A Short Vacation]

[Rings Communities Update: A Non-Corporate Fan Site]

[Stellvia: Savior Of Earth, Containing Cute Girls]

[Samara And Sadako Sitting In A Tree...]

[Yes, Rescue Actually Save Fallen Listeners]

[PINE*am Contest Is Now Active]

[Puffy AmiYumi Contest - We Have Winners]

[Tsu Shi Ma Mi Re Sugoi]

[Breathe Deeply Through the Sugar Cane]

[The Like Young Are Like, Great]

[The Moaners Live To Rock Your Role]

[Fan Your Brain For The Hot IQs]

[M.I.A. Has the Bombs To Blow Up Big]

[Burst Angel About Ready To Explode In the US]

[Survive Style 5+ Actually Adds Up]

[Puffy AmiYumi Contest - Win Tickets or CD]

[Titan Go King's Month Is On - Contest!]


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[Friday Was Tegan And Sara Day]

[PSP Does Not Like My Movies]

[Everyone Prepare For The Pillows' Fight]

[Tsu Shi Ma Mi Re Devour All Comers With Smiles]

[Titan Go King's Play A Royal Flush]

[Noodles Are The Tastiest Band Of All]

[The Emeralds Make Shining Rock 'n Roll]

[Tsu Shi Ma Mi Re Are Amazingly Amazing]

[Titan Go King's Rock My World]

[Even In Tragedy, Yuki Still Brings "Joy"]

[The Damnations Save Us All Musically]

[Cruiserweight: So Heavily Heavenly]

[Japan Girls Night 2005 Is So Alive]

[Fiona Apple Is Extraordinary, Not A Machine]

["Gantz": Ewwww, Are Those Flying Heads?]

[Nanaca Crash Definitely All Flash]

[Soon To Be Hot: Andy and Scott]

[SXSW: A Torrential Force In Music]

[Once Again, Your Junk.log Is Representing]


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[Strangely, A Junk Magnet Interview]

[junk.log Shut Down Until March]

[Next, We All Must Save "Wonderfalls"]

[Manda And The Marbles Contest Results]

[My Junk Magnet Looks All Funny]

[Utada Concert In NYC 2.23.05]

[Shock! New Sherbets Album Soon!]

[Shonen Bat Swings And Connects]

[Nippop For Nippon Pop Fun]

[One Last Mezzo For Mikura]

[The Kleptones Strike Again]

[Solex: Anything But A "Laughing Stock"]

[Tokyo Incidents Contest Results]


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[Choking On A Big, Fat "Appleseed"]

[I'm "So Jealous" Of Tegan And Sara]

[Yuki Shrine Ready For Devotion]

[A Fairly Sophisticated "Juvenile"]

[Salyu and Barnabys Pages Now Active]

[Cuter Than Any Honey You've Had]

[Manda And The Marbles Contest]

[Elgato Systems Attacks Macworld Expo]

[Tokyo Incidents Page Now Magnetized]

[Thmlues Page Now On Junk Magnet]

["Hana And Alice" DVD: Now With English Subs]

[The 2005 Weblog Awards Await You]

[Morning Musume: 6th Time Not So Charming]

["2046": A Room, A Time, A Place]

[Tokyo Incidents Are My Kind Of Band]


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[Ayu: Finally Another Great Album]

[RSS History For The Rest Of Thee]

[Top 5 Japanese Movies Of 2004]

[Top 10 Japanese Albums Of 2004]

[Becky: Yes, I'm Definitely Obsessed]

[Between Mikura and Barnabys, I'm Set]

[XML For The Best In Junky RSS]

[Incidentally, Tokyo Jihen Are Great]

[Meet The Beastles To The Five Boroughs]

[Lolita Vs. Yankii in Shimotsuma]

[Anne Suzuki Is Oh So Special]

[Massive Boredom: Top 20 Pages]

[Netflix Roundup: DVD For You, Me]

[Joypop: Satisfaction For All Action]

[The Pillows: Restful for the Stressful]

[Utada DVD Super English Friendly]

[Stuff, Things and Junk: A Roundup]

[Yuki Sweet Yuki: You Shine, Be Mine]

[Slam Dancing To The Acoustic Bomb]

[Barnabys, Hardly Working]

[Salyu Sounds Like Light Looks]

[Yumiko Kayukawa Swings Starward]

[Contest Results: Exciteness!]


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[Empire Of AOL Discs Triumphant]

[Candy Cane Licks "Rumble Roses"]

[Holla Out For "Harajuku Girls"]

[There Is No "Suicide Club"]

[Nintendo DS: Game and Watch Reborn]

[Me, My Mirror Self, My Enemy]

["Shikoku": Land Of The (Cute) Dead]

[Tamio Okuda Is A "Lion" Of Rock]

[Something About "Lily Chou-Chou"]

[Music I Like, Despite All Odds]

[Stuff, Things and Junk: A Roundup]

[Wherever You Are, There You Go]

[Miwako Ichikawa Has My "Concent"]

[Mikura Makes Me "Mezzo" All Over]

[All Hail Advanced Demographics]

[A Moment Of Silence: Logic Is Dead]

["Lil' Slugger" Is A Big Lie; Shonen Bat!]

["Casshern": Your Robots Are Not Safe]

[Utada No Longer Performing Reggae]


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[Wild Boy Comes Out Of The Closet]

[The Moon Is Gone; I'm Scared!]

[Hopped Up On Cow-Bags]

["The Grudge" Makes Girls Scream]

[Hacking the Ranking Number Server]

["Hana And Alice": My New Obsession]

["Zhivago" is Jude Triumphant]

[The Baby Bounty]

[ | Charity Contest]

[All Hail the Wacky Water]

[Indulge The Bulge: Is Bush Wired?]

[Lena and Clara Against The World]

["Dead Leaves": Crazy Caterpillar Picnic]

[Utada Promotion Of The Day]

[Newtype USA: Puppies Bark in Glee]

[Self-Promotion: EyeHome 1.5 Released]

[Today is Hikki Utada Day]

[Interpol Are Full Of Hip "Antics"]

["Uzumaki" Spirals Out Of Control]

[Utada Contest Is Over - The Winner...?]


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[AHKSU On Attack!]

[The Kleptones: Savor the Samples]

[Kaneko Atsushi Now On Junk Magnet]

[Vege Station at Roppongi Hills]

[Chevelle Roll Rocks And Dominate]

[Kaneko Atsushi's "BAMBi" Coming to US!]

[Zombie Pixies Raise the Living]

[Sheena Ringo Causes Tokyo Jihen]

[Grand Tone Music Not All That Salty]

[Hi-Chew is the Only Chew]

[RECOfan: Music for the Miss and Mass]

[Northern State Own My City]

[Doutor: Two Kinds of Toast]

["Sky Captain": Pulp SF Novel Explosion!]

[New Boredoms Album Out 9.23.2004]

[Mister Donut: All Tongs and Trays]

["Kiddy Grade": More Gonzo Greatness]

[Manda and the Marbles Explode!]

[Penjacking - Bic Beats Kryptonite]

["SOIL" is Kaneko Atsushi Resplendent]

[Thmlues: Guys with Sonic Sweetness]

[C. C. Lemon: 10 Years of Wow Wetness]

[Aquarius: Corporate Tasty Water]

[Natchan! Tasty Smooth Soft Beverage]

["Easy Breezy" PV Isn't That Bad]

[Super Milk-Chan Has Tissue Issues]

[Utada Tippy Toes to Stardom]

["Anacondas" Love People of Color]

[Metric: The Measure of a Band]

["Donnie Darko" is the Most Cooler]

[The "Tomie" Series: Headless Horror]

[Junk Magnet is 10, Nick is 32]

[SYK Bags are the Best]

[EyeTV 1.6 Out; EyeHome 1.5 Soon]

[New Jude Album: "Zhivago": 9.29.2004]

[Bakuretsu Tenshi = Burst Angel]

[Welcome to junk.log]


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