Mainstream and indie pop, rock, punk and R&B from Japan that you should know about.



6.1.2009 - The Japanese Pop section is back, starting with the new Molice page. There's also a two-part Molice contest going on right now.


3.1.2007 - The Japanese Pop section is coming alive, starting with the new Kaela Kimura page. I have at least one contest up my sleeve, which I will strive to start this month.


2.1.2007 - Now that the Macworld Expo 2007 expo is long gone, there's more time for junk.log. Odds are great that there will be contests soon....


1.1.2007 - It's a new year, so that means a newly revived junk.log. I hope to have more like a dozen posts each month again, perhaps more. There are also constant updates to my Japanese Pop discographies, so don't miss the many releases coming up this winter.


11.1.2006 - I'm back from Europe and posting again, so junk.log is coming alive again. There are also constant updates to my Japanese Pop discographies, so check it out.


9.1.2006 - I took a "spiritual retreat" during August (not to mention some vacation time), so junk.log was meagerly updated. September will change the frequency back to normal, so prepare yourself.


8.1.2006 - Now, with less of the same! Please read junk.log for new instructions as the month progresses.


7.1.2006 - Hope you enjoyed last month's junk.log, with the most posts ever, many of which focused on the Junk Magnet 10th Anniversary. If you missed it, make sure you check it out - you can see the very first JM website from 1996. Also, expect more additions to the Japanese Pop as the summer progresses.


6.1.2006 - As promised, Junk Magnet 2.0 is now in full effect. Check out this junk.log entry to find out more about the new features, and then make sure to browse each section of the site. Expect many more Japanese Pop articles, along with things popping up all over the place.


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