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1.31.2008 - [What's Up With The Junk Magnet?] Hide
[Uncharted: Drake's Fortune]

The astute occasional readers of this website have no doubt noticed a severe lack of posts or updates over the past few months. The explanation for this is fairly simple - I mostly work on at night after work, and lately I've been spending those few free hours in other ways. Namely:

1) Netflix - I've usually rent from 3-6 DVDs a week, with their arrival on Wednesdays and Saturdays. That often takes a few hours every night, and some times I'm tired enough from work that I don't accomplish anything else. Over the past 6 months, about 40 of the rentals were on Blu-Ray, which is my current format of choice for new movies I haven't seen in the theater (which is most - I've avoided the cinema lately).

2) Gaming - I've already mentioned my PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Wii, and over the past few months I've slowly worked my way through games like [Uncharted: Drake's Fortune], [Everyday Shooter], [Arcana Heart], [Portal (Orange Box)] and [Bioshock]. That's a fine way to spend an evening, but it also tends to distract from web development.

3) Network Related Entertainment - I like to web surf, and to download the occasional file, and it's quite easy to devote more time to that, and less to writing about the latest J-Rock.

In short, I haven't been setting aside the typical one hour each night to update this site, and I think I'm ready to do so again, starting in Februrary. So, expect more posts and changes, including working through all of the music that's come out over the past 6 months that's in my collection, but not yet posted on the Japanese Pop pages.



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