antizine Ad, JM 2.1

The only thing that ties together this section is that everything in it is written by me. Supposedly that indicates a certain level of quality and insight, but you'd be surprised.

Antizine has been one of my pet-projects for almost a decade. As it stands it's fairly complete in its incompleteness, but don't be surprised if you see the second half of 11 stories coming your way soon enough. In fact, [antizine 11] is now available, after a 3 year wait.

You'll also probably see the other two parts in the planned trilogy rolling out over the next year or two, and perhaps even an Anti interactive game or two (really).

My intention is to post here all of the weird stories, articles and so such I've done over the years, but predominately you'll be seeing new material written especially for you (yes, you).

If the demand is there, I'll also translate all of the old JM issues into electronic form, either through PDFs, scans, or some other neato technology. Until then, look for selected reprints in this section as time permits and fancy strikes.



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