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4.28.2008 - [Golden Compass Now In Disc Form, Etc.] Hide
[Golden Compass] Now In Disc Form

It's been a while - mostly due to a severe lack of desire to talk about all of the interesting things that surround me. However, I need to check in at least once a month, so here's a fast and loose account of what I'm into lately:

1) [The Golden Compass] is out on DVD and Blu-Ray starting tomorrow. Now, the movie itself is only so-so, but the books are great, so make sure you check out [His Dark Materials] one of these days. Speaking of which, [Once Upon A Time In The North] is sitting on my shelf - it's a mini-prequel to the trilogy, and apparently a good enough read. Just make sure to stay away from the video games based on the move - they reek of awfulness.

2) Even though I haven't updated some of my Japanese Pop pages in a year, there have been a number of new and interesting albums, like from Hikaru Utada and Kaela Kimura. Just pick an artist from my mini-shrines, and you'll probably find a new single or album to adore. Of course, you'll have to go someplace like CDJapan to actually find out what's new, since I'm slow and lazy lately.

3) [Grand Theft Auto IV] is out tomorrow for the PS3 and Xbox 360, and I thought about ordering it. However, while I'm all for pushing what can be done in a free-roaming game, I really don't want to play the main character, or do the things that he needs to do to advance the plot (steal, murder, etc). I may check it out in a year or so, when it goes "Greatest Hits" or the equivalent (and thus sold at a bargain price), but right now I'll be better served by other titles. I still have my Japanese version of [Arcana Heart] (now out in an US localization as well), and I have the Xbox Live versions of [Trigger Heart Exelica], [Ikaruga] and [Rez] to explore in HD (as opposed to exploring my pre-existing copies for the Dreamcast).

4) I'm starting to buy a few comics a month again (after taking a year-long break from dozens of titles weekly), and most of them are Warren Ellis related. [Doktor Sleepless] is starkly charming, and I'm also into his free online comic, FreakAngels, which is quite rad. I'm eager to follow [Final Crisis] which starts very soon for DC, with Grant Morrison at the helm. I'm not that eager to read more of Marvel's [Secret Invasion], whic seems like a one-note book ("Hero X was Skrull Y all along!"). However, I wouldn't mind a Fantastic Four movie with Skrulls at the enemies... No matter, I've got [Iron Man] and the new Incredible Hulk movie to look forward to, not to mention the new X-Files flick, and other things that have been previewed here and there.

That's it for now - more when fancy strikes.



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