Cake Bake Betty

Lindsay Powell amazes as Cake Bake Betty. Follow the link to better understand greatness.



7.9.2007 - [Hana & Alice Reach The US On DVD] Hide
[Hana and Alice] Forever

[Hana & Alice] by Shunji Iwai is one of my most favorite movies. I first saw it during its theatrical run, when I was visiting Tokyo in 2004, and I made sure to tell you then about all the ways I loved it. Perhaps you remember my blog-sonnets to Anne Suzuki and Yuu Aoi, the picture-perfect stars?

Or maybe you remember my tales of the limited edition DVD set released in Japan (with Japanese subtitles), or the Hong Kong DVD release that had English subtitles, albeit on a Region 3 disc? Well, after a two year wait, [Hana & Alice] is finally being released in the US, on a Region 1 DVD with English subtitles. The release date is tomorrow, 7.10.2007, and you can find out more on this page.

You may not yet realize how lucky you are to have the opportunity to see this film; in fact, you might not realize it after you see it, since I'm sure it's an acquired taste. Nevertheless, to me this is about as good as it gets for its genre (love, friendship, and boyfriend amnesia), and I advise you to check it out - heck, even Netflix has some copies to rent.


7.1.2007 - [Beware Of Shiny Things From Japan] Hide
[Ghost In The Shell: Stand Alone Complex - Solid State Society]

Here's the almost-monthly updated list of some CDs and DVDs on pre-order from Japan. I expect more announcements later this month.

First of all, please note [Ghost In The Shell: Stand Alone Complex - Solid State Society], an original movie thematically tied both to the TV series, and the first movie. It's been out in Japan for a while, and is arriving in the US on Tuesday (7.2.2007). My limited edition copy (3 discs, including the soundtrack) is already in transit, and I'll say more about it once I see it.

01) [Nijiiro no Yokan], Thmlues, 7.25.07, BZCM-1018, 1,143yen (single)

02) [Thinking Out Loud], Bonnie Pink, 7.25.07, WPZL-30060, 3,238yen (album, version with DVD)

03) [L O V E U], Leah Dizon, 8.8.07, VIZL-247, 1,500yen (single, version with DVD)

04) [Untitles], Thmlues, 8.8.07, BZCS-1045, 2,857yen (album)

05) [Hoshikuzu Sunset], Yuki, 8.8.07, ESCL-2978, 800yen (single)

I'm mostly excited about the single and album from Thmlues, apparently the first on their new self-managed record label, Tsukai Records. Yuki singles rarely disappoint, and the other women artists definitely have pleasing moments, which hopefully will be captured by the accompanying DVDs.



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